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Presentation on First Sight Theory to C. G. Jung Society of the Triangle

Sunday, February 10:  Dr. Carpenter will present a talk on First Sight theory to the C. G. Jung Society of the Triangle at 3 p.m. in the ball room of the Cedars of Chapel Hill (100 Cedar Club Circle, Chapel Hill, NC).  A period for questions and discussion will follow the talk.

Jung had a long-standing and serious interest in psi (extrasensory perception and psychokinesis), only part of which he felt free to discuss publicly during his lifetime.  Yet his autobiography recounts many dramatic psi experiences, and his theory of synchronicity embodies his contribution to understanding them.  His unpublished correspondence with J. B. Rhine offers still more testimony to the depth of his interest.  The First Sight way of understanding psi is congruent with his ideas, and the First Sight model of the mind can be seen as an extension of his understanding of the formation of the psyche.  He would be interested in these new developments.